Surftape Feeder

The Surftape Feeder from EFS is a cost-effective, space-saving solution for easy handling of dies in a standard pick and place system.

Dies are dispensed with the active side facing up. A push-up tool in the surface feeder lifts up the dies from the sticky tape rails for transfer to the pick head of the assembly placement machine.

The surftape feeder requires space of only 16mm in the pick & place system. It is especially beneficial when many different dies have to be applied on a PC Board.



Surftape® is a unique form of punched carrier tape ideal for bare die or small devices where protection and placement are critical. Components are placed on a wafer film adhesive backing within a compartment boundary.

The devices are held securely in place, preventing any movement or possible damage. When devices are picked from Surftape they are in the exact same location they were placed, simplifying high precision pick and place.

The distance between the parallel adhesive stripes depends on the component and enables lifting of the component with a needle from the bottom side. This distance has an influence also in the adhesive force of the components in the tape (less adhesive area = less adhesive force).

Unlike conventional embossed tape, the compartment does not have to be sized to the component – eliminating the need for custom carrier tooling. Traditional cover tape is also not required. Both elements reduce inventory management costs.

Surftape Advantages:

  • Ideal for bare die, chip scale packages, MEMs, LEDs, and micro thin components.
  • Wafer film base secures the devices in the exact position they are placed, no theta correction is required.
  • Die are held safely in place – preventing corners, edges and surfaces from contacting the packing material.
  • Simplifies use – eliminating the need for cover tape.
  • One size of Surftape accommodates a multitude of component sizes.
  • No tooling cost, no tooling lead time, or large minimum order requirements.
  • Easy application with Surftape Feeder

Covered by many industry standards for semiconductor packaging:

EIA 747 (Surftape), EIA 481, IEC 60286-3, JIS C 0806