Slimline Label Feeder

The Slimline Label Feeder from EFS is the perfect solution for small labels, with a width of only 30mm it needs just one feeder position in the pick and place system.

Slimline Label Feeder from Elite Feeder Solutions – 50% space saving in the pick and place system

Label feeders typically have a width of around 60 mm. However, most of the labels used in the electronic production are very small, maximum 9×9 mm. The space in the pick and place system is valuable, therefore why occupy more of it than absolutely necessary?

Elite Feeder solutions now provide the solution: A Label Feeder with only 30 mm width and additional interesting functionalities:

  • Teach-In function:
    The label length can easily be taught and adjusted as required
  • Counter:
    The Feeder counts the transported labels
  • Adjustable failure indicator:
    The user defines after how many undetected labels the feeder should change over to the error mode.
  • Selectable trigger:
    Either using a light sensor, manually or by the pick and place machine.
  • Adjustable speed:
    The transport speed is freely selectable.

Furthermore, a perfect designed guide enables threading of the labels intuitively and quickly.

The empty liner material is collected in a waste box, and can be easily taken off without stopping the pick and place machine.

The Slimline Label Feeder is currently available for pick and place systems of ASM, Fuji and Panasonic. Further interfaces are already in progress.